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Some interesting historical facts about Andaman Island

Have you planned a visit to Andaman and chose Andaman Holiday PackagesOne of the basic things that we all know about Andaman is that it is a union territory of India that consists of two island groups at the southern edge of the Bay of Bengal. But it has more interesting facts too. Check out these interesting facts about Andaman Island As its history will be a fascinating one as its beach or might be more than that.

The ancient Andaman

Before choosing the Andaman Holiday Packages for your vacation make sure that you know some ancient things about Andaman. Some of the genetic studies say that the people from Andaman were being isolated from the other population where more than 30,000 years ago.During the 10th century the Persian adventurer Buzurg ibn Shahriyar described an island chain that was inhabited by the cannibals, the Marco polo also added that the natives had a dog’s heads, and the tablets in the Thanjavur which is in the Tamil Nadu has named as an impure Islands. Though it is not an exact tourist spot but most of the tourist visits this place by arranging Andaman Tourism Packages. Some people even visit this place as their honeymoonwith the Honeymoon Packages in andaman.

The Hydrology of Andaman

One of the unique features of this place is it has an extreme variability of its physical properties. The temperature that is in the offshore area, are warm and they are markedly uniform during all the seasons and decrease somewhat towards the north. The surface of the densities is mostly considered greater during the spring than while falling while the river discharge is high. The surface movements of the water will be changing its directions with its seasons and the northeast monsoon will be giving a counter-clockwise circulation.

The kaala paani

The Islands are very much famous as a Kaala paani or as black water once the cellular jail was built. This jail was established for keeping the political prisoners who fought for India’s freedom. Thus, the island had been witnessed the bloodied history and saw some supreme sacrifices from the Indians who have fought for freedom. In today’s world, this cellular jail has been kept as a tourist spot, which is included in the Andaman Holiday Packages

History of Andaman

The Andaman was being occupied by Japan for almost 3 years during the time of the 2nd world war. When Japan took over the Island in the year 1942, they freed the cellular jails, intimated and asked them to join the Indian National Army. There has been some rumor saying that some of the Japanese have made a secret tunnel that connects the Ross Island to the Port Blair. Must have Andaman Holiday Packages just to check about the secret tunnel and for other tourist spots.

The seismology of the island

Almost all the parts of the Andaman and the Nicobar have lied In the Zone V seismic hazard. Thus, because of this, the islands are always prone to have both tsunamis as well as the earthquake. The Andaman Sea will constantly widen because of the tectonic process and known as Seafloor spreading. Due to the process is known as Subduction, the Indian plate is diving beneath the microplate of the Burmese. Now, you can able to experience these islands by having Andaman Holiday Packages

The active volcano

The Andaman has only one active lava volcano. It first erupted in the year 1787 later it erupted 10 times after that. Recently it erupted in the year 2017 February. Because of this volcano, the seas that are around this island can have a good scuba diving. The Andaman Holiday Packages will give the best experience for scuba diving

Islands and beaches of Andaman

One part of Andaman has an island which is known as Parrot Island where there will be more than a thousand parrots. The phenomenon of the bioluminescence could be experienced rarely at Havelock islands. The Radhanagar beach or Havelock’s beach no. 7 are the one that has been voted as 7th best beach among the world. Choose Andaman Holiday Packages and have an excellent trip to Andaman and view the mount Harriet as seen in 20 rupees Indian note.

The mud volcanoes

According to the records the first mud volcanoes were being observed in the year 1983 march near Nilambur Village in the Island of Baratang. The mud volcanoes are being formed by the emission of the depressurized pore water and the natural gases from the decaying organic matters of the underground, and it is accompanied by the loud explosions and some fire flares. Thus, this will gradually form a mini volcano with some rich and creamy mud crater at the top. The enjoy watching mud volcanoes in Andaman Holiday Packages.

The limestone Alfred caves

Check out the limestone Alfred caves that are included in the Andaman Holiday Packages. This cave is an extremely narrow one and is a hoe for the Swiftlet birds what it makes some edible nest that is very unique. These tiny brown birds will be using their saliva and attach their sticky home as a small cup against one of the most inaccessible places on the cave walls. This limestone Alfred caves of the Diglipur will be changing their shape in every monsoon because of the chemical process. The limestone caves with the stalactite formations could also be seen at the Baratang.

The Ross and Smith Island

The next one is about Ross and Smith Island. These are the island that is being connected by the natural white sand bar that makes one of the most attractive spots. Ross Island was an important headquarters for both the British and the Japanese. In the year 1941, the Japanese have built a war installation and the remnants of such could be seen still today. Get experienced with this place with Andaman Holiday Packages

The first sunrise

It seems that an island named Katchal which a tiny Island near Nicobar received the first sunrise. It is one of the first inhabited places on the earth that catches the rays of the sunrise on the millennium. Have this beautiful experience of sunrise with Andaman Holiday Packages.

The Dugong, gentle sea cow

The Dugong is a gentle sea cow and it is known as the state animal of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These are the plump marine vegetarians with the paddle-like flippers, and short. They can be found grazing on the seagrass peacefully in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. These are also known as the angel of the sea and can even spot in Ritchie’s archipelago, little Andaman, some parts of Andaman and in the north reef. I wanted to see the Dugong here book the tickets in Andaman Holiday Packagesand enjoy it.

The Havelock Island

The Andaman Holiday Packages will be giving you the best experience to view the Havelock Island’s wildlife. The mangroves will be hosting a large number of life forms like algae, oysters, mangrove crabs, oysters, and mud lobsters and the sponges.

India’s first joint tri-service defense command

One part of the location in the Andaman Island is known to be the critical naval and the trade chokepoints in the world. The Andaman command is known to be India’s first and the only joint tri-services command where it has three-star commanders –in chief from Navy, air force, and Army who are reporting directly to the chairman of the chiefs of staff committee. It is also one of the focal points for the Indian engagement with some regional navies from south Asia. Isn’t it more interesting? Then have bookings of Andaman Holiday Packages and enjoy it.

The largest living arthropod in the world

The robber crab or the Birgus latro is also known as the coconut crab. it is one of the largest land-living arthropodae in the world. They basically live on the land, but during the night they will be climbing up the coconut tree, and then they will carve a hole into the tender coconut to have the soft kernel. Among South Asia, the Andaman and Nicobar Island has the highest number of large crabs. They could be spotted on the south sentinel Island and in some Nicobar island too. Book the tickets for Andaman in Andaman Holiday Packages and experience in watching these types of arthropods. There are lots of geographic and climatic factors that made the Andaman Island as an extraordinary place. In simple words, the Andaman will be giving you a joyous journey and some unforgettable movement. There are some best Andaman Holiday Packages where you can experience the best holiday with your family. Visit all the important and the attracting spots of Andaman, North Andaman, South Andaman, and the middle Andaman Island. If you are newly married then Honeymoon Packages in andaman will be the perfect one for your honeymoon. And under each package, there are different offers with the travel provision.

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